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Collection 366 – Week 4

So I spent ages trying to find out where I’d missed a photo this week, until I realized that I actually posted eight last week. Holiday Mondays are fantastic, but they sort of throw a spanner into the work. Ah, nevermind. Onwards!

Week 4 was rather rainy, but not the pretty stuff you can capture sliding down the windows. So I tried to show the glimpses of sunshine instead of the rain. When it rains, I either like to be tucked in bed in my PJs or out riding my bike, and most of the time this week I was enjoying neither of those things.

Here’s some snippets of week 4:


19.01.2016: Another rainy day in the Bay Area. It was a quiet day, but sometimes you need them to catch up on all the other stuff that is coming your way.

But I worry about slow days. I worry that I’m wasting time, that I’m not doing enough. I have so many things I want to do, but I get frustrated about not having the time and resources) to make it the next step yet. I’m incredibly impatient, but I just have to keep moving forward. And find the little moments every single day that best show it.


20.01.2016: The sun emerged today, and found me triple booked for the afternoon. I squeezed in the two major things, then managed to return home before the sun went down. I love how each day brings a little more sunshine.

We’re on a Richard Linklater kick at the moment, and have committed to watching a hand picked collection of his films this week. Tonight was ‘Before Sunrise’, so this was a fitting sequence. I’m feeling quite wistful about the recent past where a situation like that would be possible…


21.01.2016: Wattle, for me, is my favourite shade of yellow. You can take your cadmium yellows and bismuth yellows, because wattle is the one and only.

And I’m pretty lucky that I live in an environment that isn’t lacking in some of the colourful flora of home. I can hug a giant gum tree around the corner, see water conscious lawns filled with Australian natives, and wattle, wattle everywhere.


22.01.2016: Still life. This week has been scattered and I was being pulled in all different directions, and my desk reflected that. I like my desk to be about 93% more tidy than that, but it rarely happens. 

But sometimes, my eye catches my Post-It notes, reminding me that it’s okay to say no (and to say it definitively), and to not accept other people’s baggage. Rebecca takes zero bullshit.


23.01.2016: Cycled down to the Marina today, pedaling through a few rain showers on the way. I love being outdoors in the rain -there’s something about it that forces you to exist in the moment. You can’t let your mind wander too far, because you have to focus on not ending up on your rear. 

But this light, though! I’ve been enjoying seeking it out. And with all this rain the hills are looking so green.


24.01.2016: Abandoned toys. Walked past the canal and this scene was before me. A strange sight.
Was it a kid who left these things here in a huff after the parts failed on his new remote controlled boat?
Or some drunk dudes who came out to race it the night before, in the warm glow of the full moon? Maybe we’ll never know…

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