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Collection 366 – Week 5

And so, I forgot to post these earlier in the week, but better late than never, right?

This past week (and the current one) is just mostly just… ugh. I am thinking that it’s partly SAD kicking in for the tail end of winter, but also because I feel as though I’m flailing about. Sometimes things suck and that’s okay. So I’m trying to keep it together, finish my 2016 workbooks, and celebrate the moon in Aquarius on the 8th (thanks to my new calendar from the Cosmic Collective.

I have some news that’s beyond exciting (and certainly does not involve babies!). But I am am working out how to write about this — because it HUGE. It’s something that has been a dream of mine for so long that is finally happening. Stay tuned.


25.01.2016: I love the old building I work in. It’s from a time in history where wood was stained dark, gold leaf applied to decorative elements, and flourishes were carved by hand. 

I walk up and down these steps each day, and yet today was the first day I noticed that these words are hand painted. The tentative rise of the A poking a little higher than it should is the best. 

Thousands of grubby hands, maybe even millions, have pushed through the heavy doors in search of an exit. I can only imagine how many times I have placed my hand in the same spot and used my body weight and momentum to propel me into the stairwell.

Nothing beats the handmade, particularly when it’s almost 90 years old. They certainly don’t build them like they used to, nor do they pay any attention to details such as this. A sign of the times…


26.01.2016: Scenes from a press conference today. I enjoyed having time to look up and around me, but did not get much time to myself. 

I missed my walk today and have been working all evening, so am feeling pretty blah. Hopefully I’ll get out and stretch these legs tomorrow. And tomorrow’s almost here.


27.01.2016: I LOVE archives. I love researching and reading and learning new things. Today’s adventures took me into the depths of the aviation museum at #SFO. I was working and not elbow-deep in research today, but it was enough to spark an idea.

The Museum is free and has some amazing ephemera on display from the halcyon days of air travel, and its ceiling is decorated with small aircraft. Some of the flight attendant uniforms have to be seen to be believed. 

If you’ve an hour to spare at the airport, it’s well worth a visit. 


28.01.2016: Is there anything better than working in your PJs? I worked remotely today so I could edit a short film that is due, so I enjoyed spending the AM in my PJs. One thing I find when I work at home is that I end up working hours longer longer than compared with when I’m at the office. 

At lunch, I took a walk and saw that there was something different to look at down by the bay. A giant crane seems to be repairing the ferry terminal. I wonder what it’ll look like when it’s done.


29.01.2016: Went to stretch my legs, then within a minute of walking outside, the rain descended upon me. It clouded up my glasses and assured me I wouldn’t be able so make it all the way around the lake with a dry phone. So I had to turn back. 

Sometimes our best intentions are thwarted by Mother Nature but it is the rainy season, after all. We’re in the final stages of finishing up a short film for the gala tomorrow and just needed all I needed was that walk, you know? Perspective.


30.01.2016: Since being introduced to oils, I’ve not spent much time experimenting with other mediums. But after meeting @pamelabaron and seeing the amazing house portraits she makes, I was interested to see how watercolours behave. It’s certainly an art form, and I’ve not quite found my happy level of usability as yet.

But I am enjoying the opportunity to paint the air traffic control towers at the airports I’ve visited around the world. In retrospect, I’ve been pretty ambitious in starting that series with the ‘new’ tower in Sydney…


31.01.2016: The wind blew a bloody gale, and the waves on the Bay were more violent than usual. Walking was an effort, and I felt sluggish and unable to muster the enthusiasm for the big walk I’d planned in my head. So I turned around at the usual point and headed inland, away from the unrelenting winds into the relative safety of the canals.

I find Sundays hard. I’m always thinking about having to return to work, to get the washing done, and have everything ready for the long week ahead. I get the Sunday night gremlins real bad — and can never relax and just enjoy the day off.

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