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Thoughts on Travel

This article was first published in the summer edition of ‘At The End Of The Day’, my organization’s in-house magazine. *** In the late 18th Century, a Frenchman by the name of Xavier de Maistre pioneered what became known as ‘room travel’. Instead of packing up sixteen trunks, commandeering two stewards and journeying on trains and sailing vessels to new worlds, de Maistre donned his blue and pink pajamas and set about exploring his room. In ‘Journey Around My Bedroom’, he participated in grand old adventures, starting with his couch. What we glean from his writings is that while we all can’t be brave explorers like Cook and Magellan, we can all look at our own surroundings with a different eye, taking the time to notice what we have already seen. It’s less about where in the world we are heading as the mindset with which we travel. It’s an interesting way to look at travel, particularly as many of us take a vacation this time of year. There is no one-solution-fits-all when it comes …

Mary Ruffle is no more?

Whoa! ‘It’s Mary Ruffle’, one of my favourite Tumblr blogs, has up and disappeared. Talk about disappointed. Nevertheless, a tonne of ‘It’s Mary Ruffle’ content has been pinned on Pinterest, which works much like a virtual corkboard for (generally attributable) inspiration, so I’m not totally without. Which is great, because lately I’ve been gravitating to images of summer fruits and flowers (of which there’s plenty pinned). I’m excited to see where the season takes us — it’s going to be mid 20s tomorrow! Whoa! Excited! [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] [Source: Pinterest] Did I say I was excited for summer and the proliferation of beautiful Californian fruit? Yep.