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Along the Coastal Trail, Marin County, CA.


  1. Jill Klinge says

    I love your Life List! I can help you with #26, 27, 28 and 40 as I a lot of experience in those and love each and every one for different reasons. Take me with you PLEASE on numbers 32 and 38:) Number 66 was a blast on a tour bus in Salzburg…I actually own the movie and have watched in every year. True geek I know.

  2. Thanks so much for your offer, Jill. I look forward to enlisting your help.
    What would be on your List? I’d love to help you with yours in any way I can!

    And you took a tour in Salzburg? I bow down! You know how to live. That movie was sucvh a big part of my childhood, and even now I love watching it. It never gets old.

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