I first heard about the Life List concept via Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl. It’s not a bucket list: there’s a real sense of impending doom about those. The Life List is positive. It’s about embracing freedom and adventure and doing the things I want. These are the collective experiences I would love to achieve in my lifetime.


(In no particular order)

  1. Visit India for the Holi Festival
  2. Ride bikes around Gotland, an island off the coast of Sweden
  3. Take in a match at the Nou Camp in Barcelona
    Update: Completed (December 2011).
  4. Make one night a week ‘Date Night’
  5. Start my own business
  6. Attend a cooking class
  7. Be the only person on a desert island (for a few hours)
  8. Host a fabulous birthday party for someone
  9. Become a dual citizen
  10. Learn how to surf
  11. Live downtown in San Francisco
    Update: Completed (2010 -2012).
  12. Make a bouquet for a bride
  13. Climb Croagh Patrick
  14. Buy a porch swing
  15. Learn how to play bass
    Update: Started.

    Learning how to play bass on a Hoffner violin bass. #PaulMcCartney

  16. See Paul McCartney perform live
    Update: Completed (July 2010).

    Sir Paul in concert: Tick!

  17. Sail somewhere on a boat
  18. Take German classes
    Update: Started. I’m not anywhere close to fluent, but I’m learning.

    Ich habe studiert.

  19. Live in Europe
  20. Be a contestant on Jeopardy!
  21. Become an ‘expert’ in something
  22. Make an article of clothing
  23. Fly on one of the world’s most dangerous airlines
    Update: Completed. We survived our Lao Airlines flight fom Luang Prabang to Phnom Penh and lived to tell the tale.
  24. Make a cake/cupcakes from scratch (including the icing!)
  25. Compete in a triathlon
  26. Spend an afternoon getting a pedicure and a manicure
  27. Take tea in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony
  28. Spend an afternoon in a European cafe, enjoying Kaffee und Kuchen
  29. Have my own study/work space
  30. Live and work on a beach in Thailand
  31. Write a song
  32. Borrow a puppy for a day
  33. Sit for a portrait
  34. Live off the grid in New Zealand
  35. Pick fruit from the source
  36. Go camping in Yosemite
  37. Try Nackt wandern (you only live once!)
  38. See the Aurora Borealis
  39. Walk the entire length of Geary Boulevard, from Market Street to the ocean
  40. Take a photography class
  41. Hug a penguin
  42. Sleep in a treehouse (like in Sweden’s Treehotel)
  43. Pick wild flowers from a field
  44. Take a creative writing class
  45. Learn how to make sushi
  46. Have a cuppa tea with: Maggie Mason, Megan Hunt, Katherine Hull-Kirk, Jens Lekman,
    Darren Hanlon, Paul Gilmartin, Maria Bamford
  47. Host my own High Tea with fresh sandwiches, pots of tea and good conversation
  48. Go on safari in Africa
  49. Gather the courage (despite my horrendous physical aversion to them since school) to try brightly coloured tights
    Update: Completed. And I haven’t worn them since!
  50. Get married again! (to the same bloke)
  51. Adopt a puppy
  52. Write a book
  53. Treat myself to something beautiful from Miette in San Francisco
    Update: Completed (2012). 


  54. Get paid to write for a living
  55. Jump off a waterfall
  56. Attend a Sound of Music singalong
  57. Milk a cow
  58. Be a Jedi for a day
    Updated: Completed (2012).
  59. Experience a ride in a hot balloon
    Update: Completed (2009).
  60. Learn how to throw pottery
  61. Paint a picture
  62. Grow a plant from a seed
  63. Run a 5km race
  64. Take a lesson on the trapeze
  65. Go on a Star Gazing tour
  66. Find an artistic/creative partner
  67. Attend a Ballet Gala
  68. Make my bedroom the perfect place to rest and recharge
  69. Go back to school
  70. Walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
  71. Visit Germany (again)
  72. Learn how to sail
  73. Take a personal finance class
  74. Learn to code
  75. Make a small quilt

Watching Roman Holiday in Union Square, SF.

What would be on your Life List?
What are types of things that inspire you and that you hope to achieve in your lifetime?




  1. Holi is an incredible time to visit India and I was lucky enough to be there last year. When I move back home and settle down I plan on hosting an annual Holi celebration. What a beautiful way to celebrate the colors and life that spring brings us each year!

  2. I will take some classes with you, I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class too. Also do you want to get married to the same person again or someone else?

    • Awesome! I had thought it’d be nice to take a class that’s pretty practical (and non-meaty). We should look into doing something… Miette had some classes, but they were a few hundred dollars to learn how to bake one of those fancy cakes.

      And when I said I want to get married again, it’s to the same bloke! HA! The Vegas Adventure was awesome, but I don’t remember anything about the actual ceremony, aside from Elvis playing us an exerpt from Men At Work’s “Land Down Under”…

      What would be on your list?

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  5. chiyoi says

    Fantastic list and good luck I hope you will make all of your goals.
    As for you to learn german, so cool, I was sooo bad in school, so kudos to that.


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