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What is the Life List?

Find out more about the Life List, and set about making your own list to help you live a conscious and empowered life.

When I first stumbled upon Maggie Mason’s site, Mighty Girl, I was impressed. She had a list of all the things she wanted to achieve in her lifetime. And then some. She called it a Life List. I loved that the Life List is not a Bucket List. The latter has too many ties to ‘death’ to make me comfortable, and doesn’t encourage the embracing of the moment, and living a conscious and empowered life.

I sat down and asked myself the hard questions:

What do I want to get out of my life?
What do I want to achieve?
What are the things that make me feel alive?
What have I always wanted to do?

The funny thing is that so few of the items on my Life List ended up being about specific professional accomplishments. A revelation! I have spent so much of my life defining myself by what I do, and what I need to do to become what I want to be, but that is not what matters to me.  I am a citizen of the world, and my job is to seek out stories and explore.

Visit Barcelona: Tick!

My Life List is empowering, and a constant work in progress. Sometimes I cross stuff because I have completed it, which gives me great satisfaction. And sometimes things change, and I opt to revise it. That, too, is okay. Life is a journey with many twists and turns.

And here is what makes this list truly mighty, is that over all, the theme seems to be not acquiring Big Life Experiences like collector’s items, but rather in infusing a life with a sense of possibility. Mason… seems to be looking to make life more gracious, to encourage herself to live generously. Get in the habit of large loving gestures, her list reminds us.

Another great thing about her list? It’s not like it’s the only thing she’s doing. She gets distracted by other projects…  And now and then she dusts off the list and does something wonderful. This was a revelation: of course! Life is long! The list can sometimes languish! How freeing!
Amy Shearn, The Oprah Blog

What would be on your Life List? I’d love to see yours!

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