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In mourning for LOST

Call  me what you will, but I am one of those who tuned in on Sunday night to witness the finale of a show that has captivated my attention and hijacked portions of my thoughts for numerous years. I speak of what everyone in the blogosphere is writing about today: LOST.

I struggle to be in the same place at exactly the same time each week, so with the aid of DVD (and only two or three seasons of actual waiting weekly for new episodes) and the marvellousness that is my DVR, it was possible for me to get into LOST. And I am so thankful I did!

LOST was far more than a TV show. It was a social dialogue. I have had some incredibly deep and revolutionary conversations with people about aspects and theories about the show, conversations that would have never been possible previously (how deep do you really get with your neighbour on the validity and experience of good v evil?). The show has made me cry incredibly hard, it has made me laugh at periods of ridiculousness (polar bears?!) and it has captivated my attention for long periods of time (which is a miracle in itself!).

And last night’s final episode didn’t disappoint. There are still many questions, but I like the flexibility in making up my own mind about what it all “means” (and wish to thank the writers for enabling the viewer to be relatively autonomous).

Today, both of us have been in mourning. We have sat and pondered the meaning of the show, floated different theories and discuss at length our interpretations of certain sequences of events.¬† Our moods have fluctuated dramatically just as in periods of upheaval, of death. A little dramatic, that’s for certain, but we have lived and breathed with these people for years: We would look out for them, we would talk about them and look forward to seeing them the following week. I wouldn’t go so far as calling them friends, but they were a part of our lives. And I’ve never been great at endings…

I read that some people had viewing parties and what not to celebrate/commisserate together, and from the looks of things, the seriously cool Razzmons went all out for the finale. It involved LOST-themed vanilla buttercream cupcakes (yum!) from a Dharma Initiatives box. Aren’t they awesome?!

Kudos to Razzmons for her awesome themed cupcakes!

{Photo by Razzmons}

So farewell, Jack. Farewell, all. We will both miss you more than we can accurately convey, and thank you for being part of our lives. Life, as well as death, is a journey.

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