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Post #58: Cafe Culture

Post #58: Cafe Culture

Today I went to a meeting in a local coffee shop. At 10:30am. There were plenty of people there. And I loved it. I loved being surrounded by the sounds of the expensive Italian coffee machine, the well-chosen music, the sunlight streaming through the windows to warm my skin. I loved the freedom of it, and for a brief moment I felt a pang for amount of (perceived) autonomy these cafe-types have.

I want to be meeting interesting people in a coffee shop in the middle of the day.
Actually, I want to be the interesting person that people like me come to the coffee shop to visit!

It’s not really about the coffee. Or the fact that they’re off-site during business hours. It’s about the freedom to make my own rules when it comes to work, to do the work I want to do and to decide when and where I do it. I want to live the freelance life. I want to be location independent.

This can be my life, should I want it to be. I can meet interesting people in independently owned cafes. I can collaborate with said interestings over organic, free trade milky goodness. In just the same way as I bought the original airplane ticket in 2006, I can be that person. I just have to do something to make it a reality.

There’s one theme that recurs throughout my life, and it’s fear. I can list for you all of the reasons why I should not quit my job and go into business for myself. Fear dictates this list. But life is too short to sit at a coffee table and envy those who can come here whenever they please. Businesses succeed or fail. Jobs come and go. The seasons change. Life will still move on. Even if I fail at striking out on my own — so what? Money comes and goes. I don’t have a 50 year mortgage, or kids, or any real excuse to not go for it. And as long as I have tried my hardest to make it work, I can have no regrets.

Some of my nearest and dearest believe I am throwing away all I have worked for (a stable county job with benefits, an apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world,ย  professional achievement) to settle for a life where it’s entirely feasible I could not make a cent. I know they’re looking out for me, and I appreciate the balance they provide in making me think through big decisions. But I don’t want to be a sour old woman wondering why I never jumped at the opportunity to live in Europe for a year, or learn to sail, or make the job of my dreams.

I’m trying to pack in as much as I can to make this life an amazing life, one in which I laugh in the face of fear and chase my dreams.
What about you?


  1. That does take courage. You have to believe in yourself 100%. Might I suggest that you ask for a leave of absence from your job and see how it feels, this way you can fall back on it if need be. Good luck.

    • Thanks for your comment, Anushka. It’s so great that we can find like-minded souls online. It’s so great to know I’m not the only one!

  2. I was bullied out of my job,a job I loved and was heartbroken. However, it was the push i needed to take stock of my life. I could not find a job at 40 I was already to old. I then started by own business. After a few years I contacted the main competitor of the company I used to work for and they hired me as a freelance sales consultant. I felt a certain satisfaction of contacting my old customers and picking up where I left off.

    My work gave me freedom.

    Take courage if you’ve not already done so. Forget the fear and take a leap of faith in yourself.

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