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A Flying Visit to Atlanta

I was beyond tired, the type of fatigue that feels so empty, and your limbs weigh a thousand tonnes.  I had been so excited for this trip to Atlanta and now the opportunity was here, yet I was so ambivalent about it. It was odd, because I’d felt nervous before the flight — strange reaction for such an experienced traveller.

Eventually, my colleague P and I arrived safely at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Or as the locals called it, Hotlanta. I’d finally made it to the South, something I’d always wanted to do. This was a part of the world where the top sports story on the news was about their college team.













We’d come for a conference, but that didn’t leave any real time for sightseeing. A shame, because Atlanta seems to have a lot to offer.

The conference was great: every available moment was filled with breakout sessions, keynotes, between-sessions networking, arranged events. The only ‘free’ time we had was the hour or two before bed. Busy busy, but good.

I hear next year’s conference looks as though it’ll be in Denver and I’m looking forward to it already. Next time, I’ll build in a few extra days for sightseeing.

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