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Collection 366 – Week 1

…and so 2016 just happened. It felt as though I blinked and 2015 was over.

So I’ve had a few days off to replenish myself before I have to get back into the usual routine, and I have indulged my inherent night owl tendencies, mostly hitting the pillow about 3am. It’s been a wonderful landscape of sleeping, meeting friends, drinking tea, painting, planning my intentions and goals for the future, reading, listening to music and just ‘netflix and chill’. And I have really enjoyed it. Hoping to build in more moments like these in 2016, please!

2016 — the year of intentions

One of my intentions for this year is to post a photo each day to Instagram. Snippets of life, a life that seems to be passing by so quickly. So I am hoping by choosing a sliver of each day, I will have a collection at the end of the year that will memorialise long forgotten moments.

I decided upon a calendar week, starting with the 1st of January, thus meaning that for the basis of this project, 2016 has 53 weeks. And I’m okay with that.

Even though Week 1 was only three days long, here it is:

IMG_0664a01.01.2016: Inspiration hit me at 11pm. Focusing on shadows before I install the other bits and pieces. I was working off a photograph taken at my favourite spot by Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. The iconic tower and plane were still to come. One recurring theme for me is that I always work better at night.


02.01.2016: Exploring the streets of the Mission with @danisheriff. I’ve seen her grow up over the past 22-or-so years, and I enjoy her company. I’m proud of what she has already achieved in life, and the fact that she is always so resilient and positive and never takes herself too seriously. I’m excited to see what’s next for her. Plus, for me, it’s always a trip to share time with someone in my adopted city when you’re used to seeing them in a different context on the other side of the world.

IMG_5934a03.01.2016: On my daily walk, I found a doorway into another world. It’s on the inside of a raised plant bed, and even has a window and welcome mat. Someone dreamed it up, purchased (or made?) the tiles, and chose where to place it. And I enjoyed finding it, immensely!

Are you doing anything differently this year?



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