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Collection 366 – Week 7

A new week, and a new phone. It’s a little big, but it’s a real treat to have plenty of space for all my apps, messages, podcasts and photos. No more deleting everything in order to take one photo! The joy!

I went on an adventure to the Outer Richmond. It’s one of the nicest part of the world. The Lands End hike is a great way to enjoy where the suburbs meet the sea in San Francisco. I’d live over there in a heartbeat. Did you know it was named by an Aussie and it’s actually named after Richmond in Melbourne? Well, now you know!

IMG_1079 copy

08.02.2016: There’s something wonderful about the big blue skies here.

IMG_1081 copy

09.02.2016: The unseasonable weather continues. And I’m in love with San Francisco architecture.

I’ve been walking the same monotonous routes around the lake, so I wanted to try something different. I took my first Zumba class and the jury’s still out.
It was certainly an experience. I found myself prancing around in a more formal ‘dancer’ way, but it called for really letting loose and freeing up your body. The instructor was Brazilian and seemed to be having so much fun with it, but in truth, I was a little lost. But I’m going to go a few more times before I make a decision to continue or not.

IMG_1082 copy

10.02.2016: A kid and his little brother came and stood by me on the ferry home. I didn’t think much of it until they started wiggling around and finding their way into my shots.
I could remember a version of myself that would have been haughty and consumed with frustration, to the obliviousness to all and sundry. But I thought, “who cares?”. As in, why get annoyed at kids when you have a perfectly good tool in Photoshop?

Turns out, I didn’t need Photoshop and the beautiful highlight on the boy’s cheek was my favourite part of the whole shot.

IMG_1083 copy

11.02.2016: Awaiting the last piece of the puzzle.

These containers were perfectly arranged and I was lucky to pass them at the perfect time of day. I love their uniformity, the hodge-podge of colours, and their unknown cargo. They’re probably now on the high seas, heading for the distant shores of Seoul, or Hamburg, or Rotterdam, or Singapore.

IMG_1102 copy

12.02.2016: I walked past these trees yesterday and they were bare. Today, full bloom.
Cherry blossoms are lovely, a real bright spot as we emerge from winter (not that we really had a winter this year). Did you know that most cherry blossom trees only flower for one week a year? Such a fleeting scene.

Would love to make it to Japan to see them in full bloom. And if not Japan, then maybe just DC.

IMG_1132 (1) copy

13.02.2016: It was a beautiful day in San Francisco today! It took me forever to get out to the outer Richmond — half the East Bay had the same idea.

The adventure started with a hike down to China Beach, then over to Baker Beach, and back up the hill to hike the Lands End trail. Can you believe I’ve been here forever and have never done those things? Madness.

The trail was full with a mix of tourists and locals. The tourists were easy to spot, attempting to hike the trail in heels and handbags.

IMG_1143 copy

14.02.2016: Dramatic shadows.

Today, I set about getting my desk in order. I moved it a month ago, but had not really made it a comfortable space. There’s still a ways to go before it feels comfortable, but I started by boosting myself up on my chair because my hands were hurting anytime I had to use my laptop. I cleaned the space on top, only to have it collect all the flotsam and jetsam that doesn’t have a home. Like most things in my life, it’s a work in progress.

The surface area of the desk is small. Certainly not large enough for multiple projects. I just have to get into the habit of packing things up once that project is done. Mum was forever lecturing me to do such things, and now I see the value in it. Why are mums always right?




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