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Collection 366 – Week 8

Long walks with new podcasts, adventures in the Outer Richmond, personal accomplishments and dramatic skies. It was a good week.

I’ve been playing around with the different formats on Instagram, so the photos this week are not uniform. After compiling them here, it grates on me that they’re not uniform, so I am looking to improve on that.

Follow along with me on my #Collection366 photo a day.

IMG_1143 copy

14.02.2016: Dramatic shadows.

Today, I set about getting my desk in order. I moved it a month ago, but had not really made it a comfortable space. There’s still a ways to go before it feels comfortable, but I started by boosting myself up on my chair because my hands were hurting anytime I had to use my laptop. I cleaned the space on top, only to have it collect all the flotsam and jetsam that doesn’t have a home. Like most things in my life, it’s a work in progress.

The surface area of the desk is small. Certainly not large enough for multiple projects. I just have to get into the habit of packing things up once that project is done. Mum was forever lecturing me to do such things, and now I see the value in it. Why are mums always right?

IMG_1150 copy

15.02.2016: I know enough about myself now to understand that I need to be close to water.

The ebb and flow of the tides, the ferocity of the waves, the changing shades of blue and green, simultaneously replenishes me and inspires me. And it’s fitting that my two homes both have this in common. They’re connected by the largest body of water on the planet, so I feel as though I’m never far away.

IMG_1175 copy

16.02.2016: The interplay between dark and light is captivating. And with the recent heat, the wattle is coming an end for the season. But this little guy was still holding on.

After listening to some harrowing cases at work about the heinous things that people do to each other, I am retreating into a world of flora and inanimate objects. It’s incredible that I still have the capacity to be shocked. No wonder I want to go live under a rock. 😔

IMG_1178 copy

17.02.2016: There’s something beautiful about stumbling upon these moments where the sun is poking through the trees. Small, simple pleasures.

IMG_1207 copy

18.02.2016: Took a stroll around the lake, and listened to a new podcast I stumbled upon, thanks to my podcast go-to, @14millionyards. Such a different mental adventure listening to new voices and new ideas.

These dramatic skies are back,and I hope they never leave. Makes everything look amazing.

IMG_1246 copy

19.02.2016: I started on this book a long time ago. I remember turning to the final song – Minuet no.2 – and thinking “Jaysus! I can’t imagine ever getting good enough to play this.”

About a year later, I can play this song. Even all the ‘fancy’ bits and pieces it requires.
Tonight, I just had to take a moment to sit back and take it in. I achieved something I thought almost impossible. There’s been plenty of times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, but I didn’t. And I’m proud of myself for picking the bow back up and getting on with it.

My teacher is a wonderful salt-of-the-earth woman who understands that I want to learn, but I also want to play music. She prefers to choose music based on your skill level, so I’ve been learning plenty of Scottish and Gaelic reels with her, and studying the Suzuki book independently.

This is just a personal reminder that you can achieve a lot when you slowly and methodically work up to it.

IMG_1249 copy

20.02.2016: Today, I went on an epic 24,000 step walk around Monterey and Pacific Grove. It’s such a beautiful part of the world. I took the coast trail on the way out and Lighthouse Avenue on the way back to ogle at the architecture. I love it down here.

As I continued down Lighthouse back into Monterey, a deer came out of nowhere and crossed the road right in front of me. It crossed safely and joined its mate already enjoying the nature strip. A deer! In the middle of town!

As I passed by, I looked up at where this deer came from and I saw this little gal just chilling on the front steps. Deer live in houses down in these parts.

IMG_1366 copy

21.02.2016: If I was only able to take one photo and over and over again, it would be standing on the shoreline and looking out to the ocean. It truly never gets old and you always see something you never noticed before, or you thought something you’d never thought of before. By the water is where I do my best thinking and daydreaming.

The colours down in Monterey and Pacific Grove today were even better than yesterday. I could definitely see myself living down there.

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