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Collection 366 – Week 9


More adventures in the Outer Richmond, Monterey, and the East Bay, as well as a visit from my best mate’s parents.

IMG_1370 copy

22.02.2026: I walked along the beach, feeling the sand underfoot and the wind on my face. I watched a young girl displaying her joy being by the water, jumping and shouting into the wind.

I saw a family with a very old Labrador, who was acquainting their new Labrador puppy with the fetching the ball from the water. I saw a seagull pecking at the various bits and pieces that had washed up along the tideline, in search of dinner. I tried to commit the colours and the sounds to memory.

IMG_1372 copy

23.02.2016: Posted at a ridiculous time of the morning. I can’t sleep, and even if I could it’s just one of those days. I can already feel it. And there’s no way to ride the wave of insomnia today because I know it’s going to be a big one with meetings and events and all of the pesky things I am not interested in.

IMG_1344 copy.jpg

24.02.2016: A little reminder that you will come and go in the blink of an eye, but these rocks have been here an eternity, and will probably stay for another.

Memento mori.

IMG_1407 copy

25.02.2016: Found object, on grass.

Thanks, Hannah. You’re real swell.

IMG_1250 copy

26.02.2016: Remnants of a pastry I was almost unable to procure because the girl behind the counter was unable to understand me.
“And a bear claw, please.”
“No, bear claw.”
“Bear. Claw.”

It took someone translating for me to get what I wanted. It was frustrating, and I don’t get it too much anymore, but it drives me nuts. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be having a thicker accent.

IMG_1430 copy

27.02.2016: A moment of respite. There were no cars, just the sounds of birds chirping as though they were reclaiming the business park under the big blue sky for themselves.

IMG_1457 copy

28.02.2016: Took Phil and Marg out today for an adventure. In the three or four times I’ve met them when they’ve visited SF, we’ve had very downtown-centric adventures. But today, I took them out to the Lands End trail and to visit the beaches. It was a good walk with plenty of great conversation, even though it was a little grey.

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