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Collection 366 – Week 10

Ploughing through these weeks. Surprised that we’re in double digits already. 2016 is flying by!

IMG_1460 (1) copy

29.02.2016: Each time I visit the Cliff House, I always make a point to take a photo of the bums painted onto the hillside. There’s something so irreverent about the artwork, and I presume many people don’t see this angle and stop to appreciate it. Most people are there for the views, I’m there for the bums.

IMG_1483 (1) copy

01.03.2016: Widening my podcast horizons of late, and being exposed to new stories, perspectives, and voices. It helps when you get to see the same sights you see each day through different lenses. Kinda makes it all look different, even Fort Awesome.

IMG_1485 (1) copy

02.03.2016: I try and make a note to say hello to Leon when I walk around Lake Merritt. He used to love this place, and even though I have no idea who he was in life, I can appreciate him in death. It makes me more conscious that I only have a finite number of days and that spending them walking outdoors is a nice way to spend them.

I always imagine that if I was no longer here, my memory might live on in a bench or a practical piece of art somewhere in the great outdoors.

IMG_1499 (1) copy

03.03.2016: When I pass by and see the kitchen lights are on, I always like to come up with stories about who lives there and what their lives are like.

The woman chopping veggies in her kitchen across the canal just returned home after a long day on her feet as a nurse. Frank has recently retired, so he spent the morning doing some gardening before spending the latter part of the day working on his golf game down at the local range. They’re still getting used to this new routine, but she hopes he is managing. It’s a little difficult to talk about these things, but she was working on a strategy to talk about it casually over the beef stroganoff.

IMG_1500 (1) copy

04.03.2016: How long do you think it would take to swim home?

IMG_1501 (1) copy

05.03.2016: I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it rain as hard in the Bay Area as it did this morning. I spent hours lounging around, watching the Doppler maps to see when it was possible to make a break for it. I took a chance, and it paid off until about 15 minutes for home. But, at least I was dressed for the occasion. A win for practicality.

IMG_1492 (2) copy.jpg

06.03.2016: Sometimes all you want to do on a rainy Sunday is curl up under the covers, drink Irish Breakfast tea, eat bikkies, and watch old DVDs of Father Ted. 

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