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Collection 366 – Week 11

Lots and lots and lots of rain this week has made it challenging to go on any significant adventures. But, being that California is in the middle of a drought, the rain is very much welcomed.

What I loved this week that wasn’t captured in photos:

  • Riding my bike out in the rain: few people were out on the trail and it smelled so wonderful. Even when you round a corner and experience that wall of wind.
  • Walking down this one street near where I live, it seems as though everyone is doing their laundry all the time, and it’s marvelous!
  • Pastry treats on Friday mornings.
  • Practicing with my fellow amateur musicians in preparation of our recital in April.

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IMG_1513 (1) copy

07.03.2016: The winter weather is back, but the rains are steering clear long enough for me to get a good walk in at some stage during the day.
Loving all the windflowers popping up everywhere with all the rain. And I can’t remember the hills ever looking so green! It happens pretty much every year, but still, they’re golden for most of it.

IMG_1515 (1) copy.jpg

08.03.2016: Here’s a throwback to better weather a few weeks ago down in Big Sur. I can understand why people like living down there. It’s a lovely part of the world, and I got to see more of it than I did last time thanks to a hand-me-down Subaru Outback. 👍

IMG_1524 (1) copy

09.03.2016: Rain clouds pop off for a little bit to reveal a magic sunset. I was all about the orange reflection on the water, and stopped to just watch the light fade before pushing on.

IMG_1514 (1) copy

10.03.2016: One of the best paintings at the Art Institute in Chicago is Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. I loved looking over the canvas, reading the expressions on the faces of those in the diner, seeing how the light plays in the streetscape outside the diner. And so as I looked over my shoulder tonight, I saw the this scene before me — a modern day, West Coast, suburban interpretation of it, anyway. I love seeing art in everyday life. #bluronpurpose

IMG_1541 (1) copy

11.03.2016: I painted the door of my colleague and friend who has been moved on. It’s hard seeing the room empty, but harder still when I see other people using it.

IMG_1543 (2) copy.jpg

12.03.2016: This weekend is wet, wet, wet. I know rain is great and our dams could really use the water, but it feels like it has been raining forever. 

The planes are landing the other way, still, so I rode my bike out to where the runway nears the road to watch the planes. But the wind on the return journey was something else! 

IMG_1545 (1) copy

13.03.2016: A little duck family moved in yesterday. They’ve staked their claim on a small pond on the trail and they’re in it for the long haul. I passed them three times yesterday and twice today. On the last flyby, they’d moved one pond over, still not straying far from their home pond. Here’s hoping they enjoy their pond whilst they last.

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