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Collection 366 – Week 13

Here are some other things from this week not captured in photos:

  • Countdown to Eurovision is on! 41 days and counting.
  • I made lots of art whilst I was recovering from this flu that knocked me for six.
  • Current favourite tea is Twining’s Irish Breakfast.
  • I’ve still not discovered a biscuit that even comes close to a Scotch Finger, and tea time is still the poorer for it.

IMG_1728 copy

21.03.2016: Today, I ventured as far afield as the kitchen. The Great Plague of 2016 endures, and has taken me prisoner. I don’t know when I am to be released from its infernal grip. 

Nevertheless, I’m making a real dent on my impossibly large Netflix queue and becoming more friendly with my watercolors. I was exploring all of the places I wish to see on my forthcoming adventures online, and came across this most beautiful, odd looking lighthouse in northern Denmark called the Rubjerg Knude Fyr.

The lighthouse was first switched on in 1900 and originally sat 200m inland from the ocean. Now, with the creep of the sea and the large amounts of sand blowing In from the dunes behind the structure, it’s in a precarious position. Authorities estimate the lighthouse will fall into the sea within seven years. 

It’s a strange and beautiful shape for a lighthouse, and I was captivated by the story of it being gobbled up by the sea. So I painted it. 

IMG_1772 copy

22.03.2016: I spent a lot of time thinking and creating from my sick bed this week. There’s not much to show from the confines of my room, but I did go through my photo ‘roll’ on my phone to find something that didn’t dwell on the fever, aches and runny nose. So here’s something instead of the mountain of tissues beside me. 

IMG_1771 copy

23.03.2016: Managed to walk around the block tonight to prevent cabin fever. The colours in the sky were beautiful against the dark trees. Small moments of beauty. 

IMG_1774 copy

24.03.2016: Golden hour with little mate. For a few magical moments a day, there’s an opportunity to feel like everything is beautiful and ethereal. Then the light fades and you’re haunted by the memory of everything being far more beautiful and transcendent than it currently is. 

And time marches on towards the next moment, eventually swings you back towards the happiness you feel in anticipation of this moment.

IMG_1812 copy

25.03.2016: Friday night doodles whilst listening to Real Time with Bill Maher. Using this colour a lot in my sketches, recently. Really feeling it.

IMG_1813 copy

26.03.2016: Frank Lloyd Wright designed this building and I am totally in love with it. I came to see Bill Maher, in the flesh. And he didn’t disappoint. But the crowd was very… Marin. Average age 70, well-to-do, and white. My 21 year old beat up Honda Accord (whose driver-side window can’t wind down) really stuck out in a sea of Porche Cayennes and Lexuses. 

Before I went in, I found an old man’s wallet. He had a little note in there to call his wife in case of emergency. She didn’t answer. So I left a message to say I was handing it to Will Call. She texted me from Singapore to say thanks and that he was very grateful. The world is a small place!

*** edit: the Marin County Civic Center (next door) was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He died before the whole complex  was completed, so the Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium was actually designed by his company Taliesin Associated Architects that was started to carry on his architectural vision.

IMG_1811 copy

27.03.2016: Today sucks. Everything about it blows serious goats. Wishing I wasn’t here. Such a nice way to end the week!

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