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Collection 366 – Week 16

What I’ve loved this week:

  • I finished Richard Fidler’s Saga Land podcasts. There are 4 episodes about his recent exploration to Iceland with his mate, Kari Gislason. Kari retells the human stories of Icelandic sagas, and also pursues a personal journey of genealogy.
  • I purchased tubes of watercolour paint and I like them a lot better. Still lacking vibrancy, though.
  • I brought my artwork into work to put on display. It reminds me that I am there to fund my art habit, and also is an opportunity to show people my passion projects.
  • I purchased all my train trips and local flights this week for my trip to Scandinavia in May. I am quietly excited.


IMG_2063 copy.jpg

11.04.2016: Blues, blues as far as the eye can see. When I’m mixing my paints, I’m very particular about the shade of blues I use. I treat it with more reverence than any other colour because it’s the most expressive, nourishing and interesting of all the colours that exist. And this diversity of blue can be seen in the environment — The indigo of the open water, aquamarine of the Great Barrier Reef, the crispness of Tahoe blue. 

And I think boathouses should always be a shade of blue.

IMG_2409 copy

12.04.2016: Sometimes you catch yourself staring at strangers as they pass, their lives exactly as you concoct in your imagination. And they’re not you. But would you want to be them?

IMG_2043 copy.jpg

13.04.2016: It’s lighter later, after the time change. And getting off the bus early so I can walk the rest of the way home is something that I love to do this time of the year. The warm evening sun makes everything look ethereal.

IMG_2408 copy.jpg

14.04.2016: A new building has emerged from a field of knee-high grasses and jack rabbits. You can’t stop progress, but at least they took the time to make it pretty.

IMG_2143 copy.jpg

15.04.2016: Lost in a good podcast, listening to Amanda Palmer talk about being an artist and human. Taking for granted the beauty of my surroundings, because there’s only so much you can really admire before its goes unseen.

IMG_2144 copy.jpg

16.04.2016: It’s spring and I’m delighting in all of the wildflowers blooming right now. The colours are so vibrant, it’s life affirming. I need to use these colours in my art.

IMG_2411 copy.jpg

17.04.2016: I’ve really been inspired by the sea of late. Lighthouses, in particular. After going to Point Reyes last year, I’ve been fascinated by the resolve of the men and women who worked in such harsh and isolated conditions to keep these old beacons lit. It seems like an incredibly difficult and lonely life. Many lighthouse watchmen went AWOL or drowned, and riding into town could take three days for the return journey. 

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