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Collection 366 – Week 12

I am writing this from bed with a terrible case of the flu. Send love and Theraflu!


Collection 366 – Week 11

Lots and lots and lots of rain this week has made it challenging to go on any significant adventures. But, being that California is in the middle of a drought, the rain is very much welcomed.

Collection 366 – Week 10

Ploughing through these weeks. Surprised that we’re in double digits already. 2016 is flying by!


This is Sweden Calling!

“Hallo, this is Sweden calling…” —
This gal is going to EUROVISION!


Collection 366 – Week 9

More adventures in the Outer Richmond & East Bay, plus a visit from my best mate’s parents.


Collection 366 – Week 8

Long walks with new podcasts, adventures in the Outer Richmond, personal accomplishments and dramatic skies. It was a good week.